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About the NPO Gateway

Philanthropy takes all sorts of shapes and sizes. Flexibility is key to maintaining the personal nature of giving and maximizing the impact of gifts. CreateHope offers internet based solutions that manage: charitable giving campaigns, disaster response, matching gift programs, volunteer events, and volunteer incentive programs.

Whether our client is a corporation, trade association, public charity, library, hospital, public or private school, university or community our goal remains the same: stimulate giving and community impact. The organizations supported through CreateHope's services include leaders in disaster response, medical research (including cancer, heart disease, autism, ALS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer's, AIDS, arthritis, and asthma and breathing disorders), hunger and poverty relief, housing and homelessness, international relief, senior services, community foundations, churches, temples, and mosques, animal shelter and health, family planning, children, youth, and family services, arts and culture, and education and literacy.

CreateHope products allow for the effective implementation and integrated management of employee and general charitable giving initiatives, matching gift programs, volunteering and volunteer incentive programs, grant programs and disaster response efforts within a cost-effective infrastructure.

  • Employee and Charitable Giving: Offers an easier, more flexible way for employees and donors to give to charities of their choice.
  • Matching Gifts: Allows employees and other eligible donors to request and monitor matching funds.
  • Volunteering: Affords employees and other eligible volunteers a convenient way to access and participate in volunteer events and volunteer-based incentive programs.
  • Disaster Response: Provides a centralized, global repository for information, contributions, grants and matching-fund requests in response to local, national and international disasters.

The NPO Gateway system was developed at the request of a consortium of leading corporations, and meets with the regulatory standards of U.S. and international governments.

This NPO Gateway is designed to give NPOs a quick, convenient and secure way to provide data and information in a standardized and approved format. It takes the guesswork out of what type of information you need to provide donor corporations, and eliminates the need for submitting paperwork. Once you've successfully completed your profile, using the five guided steps, your organization can be both approved to receive donated funds and pre-vetted for USA Patriot Act compliance.

The NPO Gateway is also an ongoing resource for your organization. You can use it to keep up on interesting news, trends, statistics and information; learn which companies are accepting grant applications; and discover useful tips and techniques for working with the corporate donor.

If you have any further questions about the NPO Gateway, please contact us by e-mail at or by toll-free telephone at 866-676-4283.
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